With Better Service Comes Better Hearing
Serving the Greater Denver Area : HEAR-Mobile Hearing Clinic provides ALL professional hearing care services  In-Home and On-Location.

By using a computer based audiometer and other compact equipment, which allows for accuracy, we provide superior results with corrective hearing aids and devices of the highest quality, giving our patients the most natural sensation of sound available.

Our Mission is to help our clients gain a better quality of life by providing patient care thats tailored to each individual. Contact us to see your Trusted Colorado Licensed Specialist or to learn more about the services we provide.

Service List
In home hearing care tools
In-Home Services
  • O​toscopic Inspection
  • Complete Audiometric Hearing Test
  • Hearing Aid Selection and Fitting (60 day Satisfaction Guarantee)
  • Program Adjustments and Configurations (New and Older Devices) ​
  • Hearing Aid Inspections and Sanitation​
  • Hearing Aid Repairs
  • Wax Removal (depending on degree of impaction)
  • C​ustom In-Ear Products and Protection
retirement hearing tests and care
Retirement Community Services
  • Learning Meetings & Events
  • Annual Audiometric Hearing Tests
  • Hearing Aid Selection and Fitting (60 day Satisfaction Guarantee)
  • Clean and Checks for Community Members
  • Hearing Awearness Screening Events
  • Personal Onsite Tailored Care
  • Employee Benefits Program
Hearing aids doctor referral
Physician Referral Services
  • Learning Meetings
  • Annual Audiometric Tests for Staff Members & Family
  • In Office Patient Screening Events
  • In Office Brochures
  • Available Custom Stethoscope Tip Discounts
  • In Home or Onsite Hearing Care Services
  • Employee Benefits Program
​​"Referrals are a wonderful way for patients to gain the best care available"
Hearing Conservation
Hearing Conservation Services
  • Annual Hearing Tests and New Employee Testing
  • Ease of Scheduling for Employee Productivity
  • Set Up In Your Office Onsite
  • Electronic File Management
  • Company Hearing Aid Discount Program for Employee Benefits
  • Available Custom Hearing Protection Discounts
  • Employee Benefits Program