Community Facility Services:
  • Learning Meetings & Events
  • Annual Audiometric Hearing Tests
  • Clean and Checks for Community Members
  • Hearing Awearness Screening Events
  • Personal Onsite Tailored Care
  • Employee Benefits Program
About Care In Your Facility

Many of your community members are in need of on-site services for wellness and health. More health care providers are bringing tailored care directly to patients in the comfort of their own homes.

We are proud to provide complete hearing care services with HEAR Mobile Hearing Clinic which specializes in In-Home and On-Location professional hearing care and services, allowing convenience and quality care by a Trusted Colorado Licensed Specialist for your community members.

In-Home / On-Location services are convenient, effective and accurate. We use advanced high tech diagnostic and fitting tools that are made compact giving us the ability to provide all aspects of hearing care. We offer complete audiometric evaluations, provide the best rehabilitation solutions, hearing aid repair and programming, and ensure the most accurate fit with quality hearing devices and products.

If your facility would like to add our company to their list of providers Contact us today to discuss setting up our services for your community members or if you have any questions about the services we provide and may be of assistance with.
Hearing Test Equipment
Services Provided:
  • O​toscopic Inspection
  • Complete Audiometric Hearing Test
  • Hearing Aid Selection and Fitting
  • Program Adjustments and Configurations (New and Older Devices) ​
  • Hearing Aid Inspections and Sanitation​
  • I​n and Out of Warranty Repairs
  • Wax Removal (depending on degree of impaction)
  • Hearing Care Products and Accessories
  • C​ustom In-Ear Products and Protection
We Provide and Service All Major Brands: