Tailoring Our Approach To Meet Your Needs
Our Mission is to help our clients gain a better quality of life by providing patient care thats tailored to each individual. Contact us to see your Trusted Colorado Licensed Specialist or to learn more about the services we provide.
C.O. License
Guy Weyer CO, B.C. H.I.S.
Hearing Instrument Specialist
Guy Weyer comes from private practice and ENT background and has more then 8 years of  experience in the hearing field working with an array of Audiologists and Specialists. He has gained strong insight as to best fit practices resulting in highly successful patient response. His expertise in patient care problem solving and hearing aid programming has allowed for best results with patients quality of sound and ability for continued successful use of hearing aids. 
His goal is to provide patients with the best care available by listening to their needs and bringing them the most effective solutions.
He loves the outdoors and activities that the Denver area has to offer. He volunteers some of his free time in community services that develop stronger family relationships and help ones cope with the tragedies of life.
Hearing Instrument Specialist
Jacqui Clark P.C.C.
Patient Care Coordinator
Jacqui Clark comes to us from London UK with a strong administrative and project management background. Her organizational skills prove to be an asset to us and our patients.

She enjoys working hard and caring for our event scheduling along with forging continued community outreach relationships.

Hearing Instrument Specialist